About Me

After graduating, my start in the industry was with a company called Revature, learning Salesforce. I learned a lot while I was there, specifically about programming in a professional environment, team projects, documentation, presentations, communication.

I've worked on several projects that demonstrate that I know how to create quality content. The demands for differing technologies is always changing. With the core concepts of programming that I've learned, make it easy to transfer from one technology to another.

Contact Me

Benjamin W. Artman

Cell phone: (252) 562-5016

E-mail: ziberteck@yahoo.com


Trailhead: trailhead.salesforce.com/me/bartman

Business Site: newbenland.com

Game Projects: newbenland.itch.io

Twitter: twitter.com/New_Benland

Project Videos: youtube.com/ziberteck

Linked in: linkedin.com/in/benjamin-artman-69a78933/

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